About Me & This Blog

Oh, hello there! As you can see from the title of this blog, my name is Nikii and this post is a little introduction to me and my blog!

Who Am I?

I’m just your average 22 year old, trying to figure life out whilst drinking copious amounts of Yorkshire Tea. Now that I have just finished my degree in Events Management, I finally have the time to devote more to the upkeep of a blog. Saying that, I have just started a MSc in Occupational Safety, Health & Environment. As you have already gathered, my ambition for this blog is to be a chatting interaction between you and me, so feel free to ask me questions or add comments to my posts.

What’s This Blog About?

I try live my life by just going with the flow, so it is likely this will have an influence on what I blog about. For now, it’ll predominately be about chronic illness, disability, and accessibility since that’s where my passions lie.

So, that’s me signing off for now, but keep an eye out for the future posts I have planned!!!


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