Disability: what fuels my fight

People wonder why I get angry, frustrated, and moan a lot about all things disability.

Today I left my flat for 2 hours to go into Uni to sort some stuff out, and I came across two very awkward and frankly upsetting situations:

1. I got stopped in a hallway by two of my ex-lecturers from 4 years ago that I have not kept in contact with. After a very quick talk about why I’m still at Uni, they both asked “what happened to you?” Fair enough, it’s been a long time and it’s bound to come up in conversation at some point. When they taught me I was not sick let alone using a wheelchair. But I wouldn’t have gone up to them after 4 years for my second question in to be ”where’s your wedding ring” or something as equally personal.

2. I got laughed at by a group of nearly 20 students when I politely asked them not to use the accessible door out of the building, so I could go through it in my wheelchair. They weren’t polite, awkward laughs. They genuinely thought the situation was funny.

That’s why…That’s why I keep fighting.


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