Disability & Appropiate Questions

As most of you know, I openly talk about my disability to raise awareness. But this does not mean I think it’s ok for strangers to come up to me and ask ‘what’s wrong with you?’ It happens far more than you probably think, always around 3 questions in after meeting someone new. Taxi drivers seem to be the worst, whatever the mobilty aid I use on that particular day.

Fair enough, it’s pretty hard to ignore a wheelchair, but you don’t see me going up to people and saying ‘why do you have blonde hair?’ or ‘why are you so tall?’ or ‘why are your ears so big?’. If I made an obvious comment on your physical appearance you would feel uncomfortable too. And no, adding ‘I hope you don’t mind me asking’ does not make it all ok.

I’m hell of a lot more than my choice of mobility aid. So is every other disabled person on this planet.


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