Turning 23: what I’ve learnt in the last year

Today is my 23rd Birthday. Wow, a lot of things have changed since this time last year. Here’s some reflections;

Last year I was too ill to celebrate, this year I’m having a movie night at my flat. I’ve accepted that I can’t do somethings, so now I’m being realistic with my expectations.

My mental health was falling apart. In the last year I’ve sought help and I’m working on beating my diagnosis of Generalised Anxiety Disorder. It’s a long battle that I don’t think I will ever beat, but I’m making progress to make myself stronger.

Last year, I was just getting settled in to using a mobility scooter. Now I have my first wheelchair, and I’m ok with that. Some people see it as limiting, that I can’t be that sick. But I am, and frankly its enabled me to do a hell of a lot more that I couldn’t do without my wheels.

I was struggling with my Final Year of my degree, now I’m not only doing an increadible MSc but I also got accepted into Uprising’s Environmental Leadership course. It finally feels like I’m in the right place, that I am working towards a solid career path. I’ve even been asked if I am prepared to feature as a student profile on the University’s website. My new set of lecturers are not only accomplished, but are working hard to support me to stay in education. It’s nice to have people fighting for me.

With the free spoons I have from using a wheelchair, I am in the process of setting up a social enterprise. I want The Chronic Meet to help people like me, and I’m prepared to put in a lot of effort to make it happen. I know it will be worth it.

Thanks to a bank loan, I’ve moved into a more suitable flat. I feel safe here, and there are various facilities there that help me manage my illness’ better. It’s also a lot closer to Campus, so I can even manage to wheel myself to Uni without needing any assistance.

So, yep, I think that’s it! The last year has been full of personal challenges I have had to overcome, let alone whats going on in the rest of the world right now. But here’s to another year, another 365 days to become a better and stronger person. Another 8760 hours to make a difference.

Nikii xxx


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