Goodbye 2016

The year is over, finally…

2016, it’s been a heck of a journey.

You’ve made possible unimaginable horrors, things nobody dreamed could come true; Aleppo, Brexit, Trump, more massacres than you can count, beloved artists taken away, countless horrible things have happened. Raw emotions have been felt by every human being on this planet at one point or another. I’ve spend a lot of time crying at the news, with one bad event after another rolling through on the breaking news. At times, people didn’t think we could surivive it.

But we did, we’re still here. We’ve lost people along the way, but we can’t let it stop us from fighting.

Fighting for a better world. As Dory says ‘just keep swimming’. It may feel like like we’re going against the tide, but we can’t give up. People before us didn’t, and they achieved increadible things. If people just gave up, we wouldnt have lights, electricity, prosthetic limbs, robotics, cars, computers, the internet, hospitals, the list is endless. We have to keep going.

I wouldn’t class myself as ‘religious’, but I guess I run off… hope.

It’s not easy, but hope is sometimes all I have left in the whole world. 

What would happen if we all gave up? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, and that terrifies me. Nothing would change, nothing would get better. In fact, it would probably get worse if it had nothing to contend with.

It’s hard to sum up whatever I’m trying to write about. So, I’ll leave it as this;

Good riddance to 2016, it’s a pleasure to see you leave. Hopefully 2017 will bring better.

Nikii xxx


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