Hello 2017: My ‘Not Resolutions’ List

New Year’s Resolutions, they seem pointless don’t they?!?! Well, if you’re chronically ill they do. It’s hard to plan at the best of times, let alone trying to organise what you want to achieve for a whole year. So, I’ve decided not to do any New Years resolutions.

Instead, I am going to write a to do list. I love a good list, and I think it’s less pressure on me to perform. It’s full of 4 big things and lots of smaller challenges, with only very loose timelines so I don’t get too disappointed.


  1. Finish my MSc – which should be sorted by September.
  2. Finish my Environmental Leadership Course – I think it ends around June.
  3. Save up enough money to fo an intensive driving course – hopefully once my MSc quietens down in Summer.
  4. Plan and run regular meetings for ‘The Chronic Meet‘.

And in no particular order…

  1. Take a minimum of hour each day for self-care, which must not be related to food.
  2. Take 2 full days off a month to self-care.
  3. Spend at least half an hour meditating a day.
  4. Attend one social activity outside of my courses per month.
  5. Attend a minimum of one Twitter chat a month.
  6. Be more active in Facebook Support Groups, which is why I’ve now set up a new spoonie profile – here’s the link to add me.
  7. Complete my ‘101 things to do when you’re not drinking‘ book with the aim to have a more exciting life outside the pub.
  8. Try to eat many small meals throughout the day rather than focusing on the conventional ‘breakfast’, ‘lunch’ ‘dinner’ to hopefully help my digestive problems.
  9. I’m undergoing various tests for said digestive problems, and I hope to tackle them (and all my other illnessess) without falling apart – sorry, had to add a EDS joke in there somewhere.
  10. Become more confident in my wheelchair and try to do the Wheel-Fit exercise DVD once a week.
  11. Try to improve my moral fiber by not focusing on other people’s (and my own) faults.
  12. Stop trying with people who don’t bring anything positive to my life, I shouldn’t waste so much oenergy on people who wouldn’t do the same for me.
  13. Focus on a few good friends rather than trying to please the masses, quality not quantity.
  14. Accept me for… me. I’m not perfect, and I never will be. But that’s ok. For all my faults and struggles, I have my merits too. I need to stop letting anxiety win, and start to love myself before I try to love others.

Edit’s I’ve thought of since:

  1. Have a 5 minute dance party each day (yes, a Grey’s Anatomy reference)


Well, I’ll check in a couple of months down the line to see how I am fairing.

Nikii xxx


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