I’m doing the Manchester 10K in the FIRST EVER powerchair team

***Announcement time***

Last week I met with a fellow EDS warrior – Cherylee Houston (Izzy in Coronation Street) – at an MMU event. We chatted about my background and what she’s been up to recently, and she told me about her charity TripleC. Cherylee has been campaigning with Nova International to allow powerchair users to take part in the Manchester 10k on 28th May 2017. They’ve finally said yes, and she’s asked ME YES ME to be a part of the team that takes part! It’s only 1 week away but, of course, I like a challenge!

You may be thinking, ‘eh, a powerchair?!?! They shouldn’t be allowed because you don’t test your fitness!’. In response, I say that people use powerchairs for a variety of reasons. Just because they’re not walking, that in no way diminishes the physical test that is using a powerchair. Imagine stretching your arm and then keeping your hand in the exact same position, for fear a spasm may end up with you driving into a wall. Imagine constantly being on a very bumpy roller-coaster, where you can feel every jolt shake your joints. I know for a fact, I’ll be in heck of a lot of pain, so I’d appreciate some people cheering me on. But, overall, it’ll be worth it.

A little about TripleC


Many disabled people are told that “the arts aren’t for you”. TripleC want to change that by delivering workshops for disabled people by disabled artists based in theatres in and around Manchester. We want to use theatre to enable people to fulfil their potential, give confidence to people to pursue their dreams (no matter what they are) and create a few disabled actors along the way. TripleC want to go into disabled schools to provide drama – which is currently not on their curriculum by setting up disabled youth theatre which will be linked to all of the mainstream youth theatres in Manchester.

TripleC want to run:

  • Theatre workshops to help enable social interaction for adults with Disabilities who are interested in the arts
  • Theatre workshops for adults with Learning Disabilities
  • Theatre Workshops for adults with Disabilities who want to be actors
  • Theatre Workshops for adults with Mental Health Issues
  • Theatre Workshops for adults with Autism

We also want to:

  • Create a Deaf Theatre Group
  • Use theatre and film to challenge issues faced by people with disabilities
  • Unite all creatives with disabilities across Manchester and be a linking bridge between them and the different arts organisations, making artists with disabilities more empowered and less isolated.
  • Many of our disabled residents are stuck at home with little or no contact with the outside world because they have experienced drastic care cuts, meaning people have as little as 3 hours care outside the house each week. TripleC wants to fund the care and transport required to enable these individuals to attend drama workshops which promote identity and confidence – something which has been cruelly taken away from them.

Please help TripleC to make a lasting change for people with disabilities. The arts can be critical factor in social change, and drama has always been close to my heart. Let’s fight back against the Tories, to provide support to those who really need it. Maybe this will be the first step to stopping abled-bodied actors being cast for disabled roles. If you want to support the team in their work (and me) every penny would be appreciated on their JustGiving


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